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November 08, 2012
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As we move from the summer activities to fall and winter indoor activities, we need to check our shoes!  The most obvious things to look for are:  1) sole wear   2) holes where toes have bulged through the shoe  3) Worn or torn linings and 4) Worn out  insoles.  

If any of these areas show signs of wear, it is time to change your shoes.  Also, if you change your activity from one type to another comlpletely different type at this time, You will want to consider a shoe made for that new activity.   For example:  If you jogged all summer and now are doing Zumba classes, You need a shoe that will  support you in a side to side direction and not just a forward motion.  Pain and possible injury  will be the result of not adhering to this  bit of advice.  

Once you have decided to  purchase a new pair of shoes,  Adhere to the following few tips:  1) Shop for shoes late in the day when your feet are typically slightly larger.   2) Buy from a place with knowledgable sales people, who know the sport and know how to fit shoes.   3) When trying on the shoes, wear the socks you would normally wear for that activity and bring the insoles or orthotics you would normaly wear.  4) Finally, repeat the motions that you would normally do while participating in that activity.

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