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Posts for: January, 2013

With the New Year comes the desire to shed those extra holiday pounds.  If you haven’t exercised in a while, when you hit the gym for a workout, don’t’ be surprised if your feet become tender, numb or painful.  Don’t be discouraged.  A few simple steps might be all you need to get yourself on track. 

  1. Make sure your shoes do not show any unusual or excessive wear, AND are appropriate for the sport that you have chosen….basketball shoes, running shoes, zumba shoes.  If you are preparing to go out and get new shoes to start, shop where knowledgeable sales people can assist you.
  2. Be sure that you adequately warm up before diving into an activity at 100 miles per hour.  This intensity will last one or two workouts and your resolution will be over!
  3. Take the time to stretch after the activity.
  4. If you feel a sudden or sharp pain in any area of your foot or ankle, it may be best to back off or rest, use ice and see if it subsides.  Certainly if the pain is accompanied by swelling, heat or black and blue, Don't wait.  Call one of our offices without delay!
  5. If you have mild to moderate discomfort that is persistent despite warm ups, stretching, or rest and ice, call one of our offices.  It may be a sign of something more serious going on. 

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