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Posts for: June, 2013

Although podiatry’s emphasis may typically be toward the running sports, cyclists need to be mindful of certain things as well.

1st. A good pair of cycling specific shoes with a stiff shank is necessary to efficiently transfer power from your feet to the pedals. A sneaker, which lacks this feature, allows the arch to collapse which may cause arch pain, tendon problems or burning in the ball of the foot. If you are about to embark on this sport, you need to visit a good bicycle store with a selection of appropriate shoes so that you can ensure freedom from injuries.

2nd. You are not immune from foot and leg injures just because you are not pounding your feet on the ground.  Shin splints, achilles tendonitis, sesamoiditis, (pain behind the big toe) and numbness in the toes are not uncommon ailments that are experienced by cyclists.  Additionally, proper warm up and cool down are necessary to prevent injury, as they are in other sports.   

As we age, we realize that as more and more of our parts hurt more often...and...maybe we cannot continue to run forever.  Cycling offers a great alternative that allows those of us with aging joints to get a good cardio workout without the pounding.  If you have a bike, ride it;  and if you do not, go out and get a good bike and don’t be afraid to use it! Just remember to wear a helmet and reflective clothes.  

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