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With the sudden arrival of warm weather comes the same sudden desire to shed those winter pounds. Our tendency is to grab last years running shoes and just get outside and “go for it” with a cavalier disregard for the fact that some of us have done little in the way of exercise since the last warm spell. 

Before you succumb to temptation, check your running shoes for wear.  Remember that regardless of mileage your shoes have a limited life span and we tend to ignore that.  If they need to be replaced, take the time and do that now.   Visit a retail outlet with experienced sales people and a good variety of running shoes. 

After you succumb to temptation…Don’t forget to stretch!  Spending a few minutes stretching after exercise can help you avoid the injuries that can be so common and bothersome like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.   For more information particularly on some of these problems, check out the videos page on our website…  


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