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Q: I stubbed my toe. Even if it is broken, they say there’s "nothing that can be done". Is that true?

A: That is a common misconception. It needs to be promptly evaluated by a Podiatrist. If our x-ray evaluation reveals a non-displaced fracture, we can usually give you immediate relief with various treatment techniques. If our x-ray evaluation reveals a displaced fracture of the toe, proper setting and splinting will often prevent improper healing. If a broken toe heals in crooked position, it may cause chronic pain --especially in shoes. It may even eventually require surgical intervention if not promptly treated.

Q: My feet just seem to hurt all the time. Since I am getting older, is this normal?

A:It is NOT normal for your feet to hurt. Foot pain is often caused by various conditions which are treated quickly and painlessly. Call for your appointment today.

Q: I think I might have heel spurs. What can be done? Will I need surgery?

A: Many people have pain in the heel that is often diagnosed by a "well-meaning friend" as heel spurs. The only way to accurately diagnose and treat your painful heel is to have it examined. In fact, what most people call "heel spurs" is actually a related disorder called plantar fasciitis. This can often be effectively treated conservatively avoiding the need for surgery. Call us for a thorough evaluation.

Q: The ball of my foot hurts when I walk. What could be wrong?

A: Pain in the ball of the foot could be due to a deformed metatarsal bone, arthritis, an inflammed nerve(neuroma), or a name just a few. Obviously, the effective treatment depends on the diagnosis of the problem. Call us for an evaluation today.

Q: Should I cut a "V" in my nail to correct my chronic ingrown toenails?

A: No. Ingrown toenails are caused by deformities of the nail that can often be aggravated by improper cutting of the nail. If the nail is too wide for the skin opening, cutting a "V" in the nail will not result in a cure. In order to effectively and permanently correct this painful condition, it needs to be properly evaluated.

Q: I have a thick area of skin on my foot that hurts. I file it but it keeps coming back. Will a drugstore "corn remover" keep it away?

A: Many of the over-the-counter remedies can have unexpected and painful consequences. It is best to have your feet examined by your Podiatrist to determine the CAUSE of your callus. Only then can an effective treatment plan be developed.

Q: My foot seems to be changing shape. Is that normal?

A: As we age, it is normal for the boney architecture of the feet to slowly change over time. However, if you notice rapidly changing features such as crooked toes, new bumps or lumps, flattening of the arch, or a sudden increase in swelling of the lower extremities, you need to get prompt attention. Call us for a thorough evaluation.

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