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Q: I was recently told that I am a diabetic, should I get my feet checked? They feel ok.

A: Every diabetic patient should be evaluated by a podiatrist as a preventive measure. Diabetics tend to lose sensation in their feet and may also have circulation issues. As a result, diabetics are at a very high risk for injury and infection, which could easily result in the loss of a limb. Every diabetic patient needs to be educated to prevent potential lower extremity problems from occurring.

Q: Is there any special footwear that I should consider since I am a diabetic?

A: As diabetes progresses, typically one's sensitivity to touch and pain often become decreased resulting in a greater incidence of foot and ankle problems. Generally, shoes with a wide, round, and deep toe box are best suited for the diabetic foot. A well-cushioned and supportive insole is also an important feature of the shoe. It is imperative for the diabetic patient to be properly measured and fitted for shoes by a professional. Our practice is approved by Medicare as providers of Diabetic Footwear. Call us if you would like to be evaluated for this important benefit.

Q: Is there anything that can be done for the burning/tingling in my feet?

A: A burning, tingling, or numbness sensation in the diabetic foot is often caused by a condition called peripheral neuropathy. When the insulation surrounding your nerves has been damaged by diabetes, the result is often a tingling/burning/numbness sensation in the extremities. The feet usually manifest this symptom first. Treatment options exist ranging from exercise and physical therapy, to nutritional supplements, to various oral/topical pharmaceutical agents. Call us for an appointment for evaluation and discussion of this condition.


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