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Q: What is the best brand of sneaker?

A: There is no one best brand of sneaker or shoe. There is, however, a best brand for your specific foot type. That can only be determined by trying on various brands and sizes with the help of an experienced shoe fitter. Most importantly, you should wear the type of sneaker most suited for your activity (e.g.Don’t wear running sneakers to play basketball).

Q: I've fallen and twisted my ankle, should I just go to the emergency room for evaluation & treatment?

A: The emergency room is not always the best place to visit in the case of non-life-threatening injuries. We are equipped with the expertise, the appropriate diagnostic tools, and most importantly, the availability to promptly and accurately evaluate and treat your foot and ankle injury whether it be a sprain or a fracture. For emergency cases, we offer our patients same day, prompt, courteous service at one of our office locations. Regular office hours include--early morning, evenings, and Saturdays for your immediate needs.

Q: I've twisted my ankle, but since I can walk on it, it's probably not broken... is it?

A: When you injure your foot or ankle, just because you can walk on it does NOT mean that it isn't broken. We have often seen people walk into our office with what they thought was "a sprain", but our x-ray evaluation revealed a fracture. If you don't have a fracture, it is still important to be examined to assess any ligament damage that may have occurred. Call us to evaluate your suspected injury.

Q: How do I know when to use Ice and when to use heat?

A:Generally when you sustain an injury, Ice is the rule. Remember R I C E

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

This is especially important for the first 24 to 48 hours after an injury.

After that period of time, heat is often used to increase the blood supply to a part and speed up healing.

If you have what you think is an infection brewing, heat is usually used to help the body's defenses in fighting the infection.

If in doubt as to ice or heat application, ice will have less of a potential to do harm than heat in many situations.

There are exceptions to these rules and if in doubt, call your podiatrist


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